Of a Beaming Photog


a man milking a cow for a milkman. A memory from and about childhood.
Milking Stool


If someone told Jon he could have the best life imaginable but that as part of the deal it must already be over with, he would have to think about it. Here, his wife would jump in and remind him that this goes against his stated goal of living more in the moment, but he’s not so sure. Would he not have been more present in his best life? In any event, if you haven’t heard by now, the milkman is lover to his wife and the father of their newborn child, called Evan. The milkman is the sole milkman in the region, providing milk to hundreds if not thousands of people, not the least of whom are the president and her husband, also an Evan. The president’s family is milk-loving for the cameras but Jon doubts for anything else. As concerns the beaming photog, he’s very good at getting people to show up. (I mean, Jon’s here isn’t he? Here by himself in his Sunday best and feeling okay about it.) I really have to hand it to him: not only has he made Jon look like he wishes he always looked, but he has also taught me something about myself: how I admire a man who can trick me into smiling.