Crime Scene

New Orleans

A neighbor recounts having survived a home invasion. The perps broke an arm and a leg, and they gave him a severe concussion. This was no movie. Their masks weren’t of celebrity politicians. He realized they were wearing masks only after he understood each downcast face to replicate the other.

To write the story of the murder of a neighbor, she will interview a man who, complicit if not guilty, is on his way over. She must abdicate the knowledge that makes her our author. She must play it cool, beginning right now by not jumping every time headlights sweep the window.

See gore at its most vicious. The setting, a city block. The perp, an incel. The victims, call girls, miss their mothers’ milk. “Extreme violence,” argues the director, “bespeaks the brokenness of a community.” Public outcry for moderation gives the picture its retro coloration.

Home As a Precaution

He called in sick even though he wasn’t really sick.

He spoke through a rag into the receiver and, insisting he was neither sick nor contagious, he invited his boss to draw his own conclusions.

Must I stay home as a precaution against a more serious condition? Is this your professional opinion?