The Violet Rays: ‘On Joy’


John Clay is back with Reshma Eyafe for her podcast ‘The Violet Rays.’ Their topic is joy—the limitations of ‘joy thru consumption,’ distinctions between joy and happiness, joy derived from collaborative efforts, the question of whether or not an artist needs sorrow to create, and more. I am grateful to be one of several writers and artists to contribute content to this episode. Check it out here.

On a side note, I asked some of my students [14-year-old-boys] if joy was something we cultivated or, instead, something that simply happened to us from time to time, if we were lucky. The consensus, at first, was that joy was something that ‘comes and goes’ without our control. The more the boys talked, though, the more they suspected that we might have some control over it. Through positive interactions with others, for instance, might joy be something we develop inside of us? Might some aspect of joy be reachable in hard times?