Advice to a Cyclops

‘Everyone is ordinary.’ —Terence McKenna

Just because you feel unworthy doesn’t make it so. Yes, the feelings are there. No one denies you have them. But when they lead you to this sense of self-annihilation, they are reliable only insofar as one can say with confidence that our illusions control us. The big ego you get when you do something spectacular like beating out gold into a bowl or a ritual mask, or casting tin-bronze into ingots to smith into bracelets, derives from your fear not so much of feeling as being worthless. Funny how that works. When we stop doubting ourselves, the illusion dissipates to show us that the Self is no power monger. But your suspicion that you are a failed Cyclops creeps back in, doesn’t it? You again try to prove your uniqueness by heaving a boulder or scaring the crap out of a wayward adventurer. You rule out (without consciously ruling anything out) that the man you waylay on his way home to his wife and children has his own inner turmoil. Forgive yourself for this by thinking of it now and taking no action whatsoever. Know that like everyone else you are an original, modest and true, with your famous brow and bulging eye to blink away the grime of daily living. If you have begun to suspect that you are one-eyed by reputation alone, let it in like letting light in, while paying attention to your inner Cyclops and your growing desire, in the parlance of shrinks and neurologists, to re-groove your brain. Whisper to yourself now as your mother whispered then, “Stop worrying.”