The second wife is known as Second Wife only by her husband. His first wife calls her Cindy. They aren’t friends or anything. In the privacy of her own thoughts, the second wife, Cindy, calls herself First Wife because it is with her and not his first wife that her husband is coming into his own as provident and tender. The husband smacked his first wife once and only once. Begging her for it not to be over, he swore on a kind of rehabilitation. Now he calls his first wife Bachelorette because she has refused to settle down ever after. He is ignorant of his own worst behavior but will prove his goodness to his exe through his providence and his tender treatment of Second Wife that he may one day be forgiven. The second wife doesn’t call the first wife Bachelorette, because the first wife’s given name is Renee. The second wife carries a dark secret around about her own past. Before she met her husband, she could not be called anything like Bachelorette for the way it implies an active social life. If anyone had known about her before she met her husband, they could have called her Abject Loneliness.