Bylaws for the Boys’ Clubhouse

What we celebrate here
We must do out there.

We are hungry
But let none of us be exclusive.
We won’t have just perfect people.
No one besides maybe Kendrick Lamar is perfect
When he sings, “Don’t give up, I won’t give up.”
Though we don’t know what other people believe
We don’t ask of anyone, “Are you worthy?”

We are here because someone loves us
And whispers like Irenaeus
“The glory of God is a human being fully alive.”
Can we try to say this once a week?
To ourselves? To at least one visitor?

In terms of how old we are
We are reaching childhood’s pinnacle.
If we say to ourselves, “In ten years’ time
we will only occasionally remember
what we’re like right now,”
we may nod our heads in agreement
without fully grasping what we’re agreeing to.
These are our first baby steps in shoes
Of seekers we’re catechized to admire.

Every day is filled with pressure.
We must forget about it
Or breathing in and out and in again
Keep it from showing on our faces.
If we’re ever going to meet with the people
Who seem placed here on Earth to guide us
and to receive our artless advice in kind
We must master not only our facial expressions
But also our rebellious natures.
We must learn to be more helpful.