A Near Tragedy

Once we were back on dry ground to cheer her up I told her I had saved up enough money to buy her a present. “Well let’s go buy it then,” she said, and combed the salt out of her hair.

“Let’s not play the guessing game,” I answered, and went up from the shore without her, wondering how in the world she ever guessed and, in the moment that she did, whether or not I had kept a straight face.

“No need,” I said. I had taken the liberty of picking something out myself and was even having it delivered to her house. Delivery was actually included in the price. 

When she asked me what it was, I said, “If I told you it’d hardly be a surprise, now would it?” When she asked me if she could have three guesses, I told her that she could have as many guesses as she wanted, but that she would never guess, not in a thousand years.

“It must be a high definition TV,” she said next. “Is it not a high definition TV?”